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Dialysis machine 5008 CorDiax

Dialysis treatments with the hemodialysis system 5008 CorDiax can be performed without any additional equipment. The hemodialysis system 5008 controls and monitors the dialysate circuit and the extracorporeal blood circuit.

In the dialysate circuit, product water is heated, degassed, mixed with hemodialysis concentrate, and delivered to the dialyzer. Inflowing and outflowing quantities are balanced volumetrically. The pressure at the dialyzer is adjusted depending on the ultrafiltration rate selected and the type of dialyzer used.

The hemodialysis system 5008 is designed for both acetate dialysis and bicarbonate dialysis. The mixing ratio, the Na+ concentration and the bicarbonate concentration, may be programmed within certain limits.
The hemodialysis system 5008 allows programming of Na and UF profiles.

The dialysate flow can be adjusted from 100 to 1000 ml/min, in increments of 100 ml/min. The AutoFlow function automatically regulates the dialysate flow, depending on the blood flow. The hemodialysis system 5008 reflects the latest state of technology. It is equipped with all safety systems required for its function and for patient safety.

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