The core values ​​of Fresenius Medical Care are integrity, high quality, use the code of professional ethics and respect for the individual. These are values that are worthy of great organization and we believe that should be considered in every decision I make.

NephroCare ® is a program Fresenius Medical Care-a in the service of patient care, each day help patients with chronic renal failure. The aim of all activities in the centers Nefrodial is expected to extend lifespan and improve quality of life for patients.

To provide high quality care we employ highly skilled professionals, and actively support their professional development. As a company we are aware of our social responsibilities and to follow all legal requirements and safety standards. With our ECOcontrolling system is constantly trying to contribute to the maintenance of the environment.

Our vision and values guide our behavior and are included in each employee's assessment of effectiveness. They also perform a comprehensive quality management system to ensure the realization of the high standards we set, and continually monitor and improve our work efficiency.

At Fresenius Medical Care we live our vision every day, a vision that is characteristic of our society.

"The Way of Caring" ("In care") is the motto NephroCare ® and is essential in achieving our vision. Our life rule is to care for our patients with the highest quality in treatment.




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