OnLine HDF

While traditional haemodialysis uses diffusion to remove toxins, haemodiafiltration makes use of convention, a more efficient process for the optimal removal of a wider spectrum of toxins.

ONLINE Haemodiafiltration (ONLINE HDF) is a treatment modality which uses ultrapure dialysate produced by the dialysis machine as a substitution fluid.
This allows the exchange of large amounts of fluid during the treatment, thereby achieving a dialysis which more closely resembles the natural function of the kidney. This treatment modality is currently the best and most efficient kidney replacement therapy.

ONLINE HDF reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications. Among the benefits, blood pressure and anaemia can be more adequately controlled with ONLINE HDF. Also the procedure removes excess water more gently and filters toxins from a patient's blood more efficiently.

Fresenius Medical Care is committed to providing patients with state-of-the-art dialysis therapies therefore promotes the use of ONLINE HDF whenever it can.


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