Dialysis treatment

The dialysis centers Nefrodial d.o.o. offer a safe and routine hemodialysis treatment of uncomplicated  HDF (haemodiafiltration) and HD (hemodialysis). First class hemodialysis systems and dialysers, as well as excellent trained and motivated doctors and nurses and medical technicians are a guarantee for your optimal dialysis treatment.

The services that we provide in our dialysis centers Nefrodial, we meet needs of dialysis patients and to ensure the best possible quality of life:

* medical services and medical care - support and guidance in solving clinical problems, even assuming they are not directly associated with kidney disease;

* Diet advise - consulting on diet and resolving problems relating to nutrition;

* Social Services - to adapt to the dialysis patient information, help with booking a holiday;

* Support in renal transplant - advice and guidance;

Dialysis centers Nefrodial d.o.o. are part of a large international network of Fresenius Medical Care. Fresenius Medical Care seeks to continuous improvement of dialysis treatment, and has developed a clinical database Euclid ® for control of key elements of the hemodialysis treatment and used since 1999. In our dialysis centers, Euclid ® control system used since 2003, where data is collected clinical treatments.


Want to dialysis without any complications? Together we can achieve this!



V dializnih centrih Nefrodial d.o.o. nudimo varno in rutinsko hemodializno zdravljenje brez zapletov - HDF (hemodialfiltracijo) in HD (hemodializo). Prvovrstni hemodializni sistemi in dializatorji, kot tudi odlično izšolani in visoko motivirani zdravniki ter medicinske sestre in medicinski tehniki so zagotovilo za vaše najboljše možno dializno zdravljenje.

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